Business Updater is that one website which ardently supports business habits across the globe. We highly appreciate all types of business ideas whether it is big or small, tried-and-tested one or an innovative one, whether it runs on online medium or offline. Each business idea worth praises and the brain behind it is even more laudable. The growth which the world has been experiencing so far is only the outcome of the efforts of several innovative minds. It takes plenty of intellectual skills to understand the need of the people and a lot of creativity to offer them the right solution or product. Therefore, we can conclude that a successful business is a combination of intelligence and creativity.

A business not only develops the individual behind it but also contributes to the prosperity of the society as a whole. A single business provides employment to at least two to three people, makes use of the available resources of the society and also brings ease to the lives of people it serves. We often read about success stories of many start-ups that made it big through their efforts. We read about their business models, revenues and what all struggles they had to endure to reach the place they are at.

Let the world know

Business Updater believes that there are many businesses around us which do not get the limelight they deserve. We are providing the opportunity to those unsung heroes to share their story with the world through us. Your business story will not only enlighten others about your business but will also inspire many to work for their dreams. Every type of business story is welcome here. We will publish your story irrespective of your location, scale of operation, the platform you use for your business, whether you employ people under you or outsource most of your work. Our expectation is that your business idea must have brought some type of change in your life or in your community. The change such as development in financial as well as social status.

Entrepreneurs who are using the internet as a medium for their business, such as bloggers, vloggers, website owners etc, deserve a lot of appreciation from the mass. They use their talent and knowledge and earn a good profit. Even the self-employed individuals who are running a small store in their locality deserve a lot of respect from us. Because they chose to employ themselves instead of staying unemployed and cursing their circumstances.

We have the following categories under which you can submit your story:


Those entrepreneurs who are running a business as a one-man army can submit their story here. The ones who outsource the job whenever they need any type of assistance are categorized under this.

Community star

Those business ideas that contributed to the overall development of an entire community are welcomed under this category. Here, we expect the stories of businesses that generated employment opportunities for many, especially in rural areas.

Women Entrepreneurs

Under this category, we invite business stories of those women who fought against the odds to bring change in their lives. Such stories can inspire many other women to rise above their circumstances and work for their upliftment.

Lean Entrepreneurs

There are many innovative minds that know how to earn from scratches. Those business ideas that made use of a little resource or involves very low investment are taken under this category.


Give that much-needed boost to your business with us. Along with your basic details provide us:

  • What inspired you to do this business.
  • What are all the challenges you faced?
  • How you rose above those challenges.
  • How much revenue you are earning.
  • What are the future plans for your business?
  • Provide the URL link to your website, if have any.