Best business ideas in Bihar

Bihar Business ideas
Bihar Business ideas

Are you searching or looking for the best business idea in Bihar, India? Then you’re at the right place. We have, after thorough research, statistics, and analysis, compiled a list of the top 51 business ideas that one can easily establish in Bihar with a small investment and can generate revenue from that business. 

Bihar is a developing state, and many people want to start a business there. The state’s agricultural and animal farming industries are well-known. Pulses, shoes, Masur, electrical items, and cotton yarn are all produced in Bihar.

The state also exports vegetables and milk in addition to these enterprises. Cotton, food grain, iron, rice, wheat, and Dalian are all imported into Patna. Bihar is also home to some of India’s top fishing spots and a large cattle population. 

There are more than 90,000 weavers in the state. Silk is well-known in Bhagalpur. Gaya is a weavers’ zone with a population of roughly 8000 people. Bhagalpur, Gaya, Nalanda, Darbhanga, Siwan, and Patna are among the areas in Bihar where traditional handlooms may be found.

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Investment and money are required to start these business ideas that will generate enough revenue or profits for you.

New business ideas in bihar

The following are some top business ideas in Bihar that one can easily establish with a small investment, which have the highest success rates and will be highly profitable for you.

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1. Cooking Classes small business ideas in bihar

This is a fantastic business opportunity in India, especially for stay-at-home moms. You can start your own cooking class if you enjoy cooking and are an expert at it. The fun part is you can start from home. You can take extra lessons to learn how to prepare other foods as well as enhance your skills.

2. Yoga small business ideas in bihar

Yoga is an excellent way to unwind and release tension. If you’re good at yoga, then this is a wonderful business idea you can start in India. If you have an open environment, you can start from home.

3. Foreign Language Class best business ideas in bihar

This is a fun method to get money if you’re exceptionally proficient at English or any other foreign language. People are eager to pay money to study English since it is an internationally recognised language. You can also teach people if you are fluent in other foreign languages, as many people are willing to learn one or two foreign languages.

4. Affiliate Marketing best business ideas in bihar

Affiliate marketing is an excellent business idea in which you use your website to promote and advertise things on behalf of other companies on the internet. When a visitor or customer clicks on the advertisement or link, you earn commissions as an affiliate marketer.

5. Event Planning best business ideas in bihar

You have the opportunity to organise events because you live in one of India’s largest and busiest cities. If you enjoy parties and have a knack for organising and planning events, this is a great business idea to start in India.

6. Accounting Services best business ideas in bihar village area

If you’re an excellent accountant or finance specialist, you can start a small business assisting individuals and businesses in keeping track of their daily financial activities. You can also market your services online thanks to the internet.

7. Personal chef best business ideas in bihar village area

A personal chef is a chef who is hired to create meals for a variety of customers. Due to their hectic schedules, most celebrities and renowned people are always in need of someone to make healthy meals for them.

8. Mobile Food Shop

You can easily establish a mobile food shop with a little investment. You’ll have to cook tasty and hygienic meals for your customers on a daily basis. And you’ll need some kitchen equipment, new vehicle or old vehicle onto which you can set up your food shop.

9. Diet Food Business

A diet food shop is another great business to start in India. Losing weight is something that a lot of people want to do. People want to eat healthy foods that will allow them to acquire weight gradually. A diet food store can be quite profitable.

10. Seafood Restaurant small business ideas in bihar

Starting your own seafood restaurant is a great business idea in India, especially if you’re near a popular tourist destination like the river. You can create specially prepared seafood to sell to tourists.

11. Confectionery Shop small business ideas in bihar

People enjoy eating sweets every now and then. You can start this business in India if you’re adept at preparing sweets, cupcakes, and little chops. This business requires a moderate amount of capital, and you should consider locating it in a popular area, particularly one frequented by children and teenagers.

12. Cocktail Business business ideas in bihar

Another profitable business venture you should explore is starting your own cocktail bar. If you have a knack for concocting creative cocktails, you can start your own business where customers can unwind and sip a beverage.

13. Handmade Biscuit Making business ideas in bihar

Biscuit making is one of the simplest businesses to start in India. This is a small-scale business that you can start from home. You can purchase an automatic biscuit-making plant and hire workers if you want to produce on a large scale or when your firm expands.

14. Logistics Services business ideas in bihar

Due to their hectic schedules, people rarely have time to go for deliveries or pickups these days. Starting a logistics firm in India is a fantastic business idea. It simply comprises you picking up and delivering things for people or businesses to various areas.

15. Candle Making business ideas in bihar village

There are various types of candles for various purposes. India is a culturally rich country, and scented candles are commonly used for religious purposes. In India, you can establish a candle-making business.

16. Bag Making business ideas in bihar village

Bags will never go out of style. Bags are available for a variety of uses. Beautiful and portable bags are very popular among women. You can produce both leather and plastic bags, or any combination of the two.

17. Career Counseling

Students and young people are frequently perplexed about which job route to pursue at various periods in their lives, which is why they require the assistance of a career counsellor. They frequently require or seek advice from career pros, and if you are an expert in this industry, you can profit from this business opportunity in India.

18. Real Estate Agent

Real estate is a highly profitable industry. People will always rent and buy homes, and it is your role as a real estate agent to assist them in finding the perfect home or property at a reasonable price. You get paid a commission for each sale you make.

19. Urban Landscaping Service large scale business ideas

This is a relatively new business concept in India that is quickly gaining traction. You can start this business if you live in a city and have a creative spirit or know how to design and manage a cool landscape. Before you begin, you should arm yourself with sufficient landscaping expertise.

20. Home Repair Services large scale business ideas

There are numerous appliances and pieces of equipment in the home that require regular maintenance and repair. Starting your own home repair business is a great idea, but you’ll need to be competent at or know something about civil and construction engineering before you get started.

21. Fumigation Services. 

This is a fantastic business opportunity that you can pursue in India. Most homes and their surroundings have gardens or lawns that need to be maintained on a regular basis. Before you begin, do some preliminary research on the chemicals and materials you’ll need for the job.

22. Software Training large scale business ideas

Technology is an industry that is always changing, and the demand for software professionals is increasing. If you’re an IT professional, you can teach and train others in this sector. This business concept necessitates a thorough understanding of several technical subjects such as C++, JavaScript, Python, HTML, and so on.

23. Decorative Item Shop

India is a festive country with several festivals. A cool business idea in India is to open a shop that sells balloons, lights, fancy caps, fairy lights, and other decorative items. They’re also great for weddings and birthday parties.

24. Daycare Service

You can open a day-care centre if you enjoy children and are excellent at caring for them. If you have adequate space, you can start from home, or hire an office and convert it into a child-friendly play centre, complete with toys for children and a sign promoting your service.

25. Pregnant Women Training Center

You may open a training center for expectant mothers. They need a place to go to work out. This will be a unique business opportunity in India, but you must first become trained and certified in this profession before opening your center.

26. Caffeine Café

This is a fantastic business opportunity in India. Coffee is a popular method for people to start their day, and you can also include tea in the mix. You can also add some small chops, such as a slice of bread.

27. Antique Store

A home’s decor will never be complete without a touch of the antique collection. An antique store is a profitable business that you can start with very little money. You’ll be selling antique furniture as well as other collectibles.

28. Boat Ride Services or Hot Air Balloon

This is a great business idea for adventurers. If you’re daring and have a lot of money to invest in a business, this is the route to take. It’s a really profitable business, but you’ll need a lot of trained labour and a lot of room.

29. DJ Services

This is a fantastic business opportunity for music fans. You can start your own DJ business if you have a lot of creativity when it comes to combining fantastic sounds and making people laugh. To get started, you’ll need a computer, CD players, turntables, and other necessary equipment.

30. Dance Classes

Dance courses are one of the most innovative and profitable business ideas in India, especially if you’re a natural dancer. It does not necessitate a significant financial commitment. If you don’t have the money to take classes, you can hire a professional dancer to help you develop.

31. Ice Cream Business

Ice cream is a great business idea to start, especially during the summer months, but people nowadays enjoy ice cream at any time. If you enjoy creating ice cream, you can start this business, but you should first invest in yourself.

32. Organic Farming

These days organic items are very much desired by people. You can start an organic farm especially if you have considerable property. Make some research, get started, and make sure you’re supplying your goods to the correct people.

33. Chocolate Products Business

The chocolate industry is an extremely profitable company. This is a business that may be started with little money. To begin, gather the necessary equipment, such as utensils, moulds, and packaging materials. A chocolate recipe is also required.

34. Recruitment Services large scale business ideas

This is a great home-based business concept; all you have to do is collect information on job searchers and assist organisations connect with them. In exchange for your services, the company gives you a commission once a candidate has settled in.

35. Catering Service

Catering is a fantastic and tasty business opportunity for those who enjoy cooking. You cover weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. This is a company that you may start from home, especially if you have a large kitchen. Get some culinary tools and utensils.

36. Insurance Services

An insurance agency is another unique business idea you can start in India. You will be selling insurance policies in this home-based business. You can focus on fire, freight, or any other investment category. You get paid commissions for your services, and you get to set the price you want to charge your clients.

37. Personal Shopper

Someone who runs errands for others is known as a personal shopper. Your customers could be elderly persons or people who have very tight schedules. You’ll assist them with food shopping, deliveries, pick-ups, and whatever else they require.

38. Fitness Center

If you’re a proponent of healthy living and enjoy working out, you could start teaching people who want to lose weight how to exercise. Before you start this business, you’ll need to take classes and get certified.

39. Furniture Cleaning Services

To preserve their lustre and to make them last longer, furniture takes special care and maintenance. You can start a furniture cleaning business and offer your services to both homeowners and businesses.

40. Visa Consulting Service

In India, visa consultants are one of the most in-demand business ideas. If you have a thorough understanding of visa rules and regulations, you can start this business. You can advise clients on which visas are best for them and how to go about applying for them.

41. Sports Coach

For sports fans and fanatics in India, this is a profitable business opportunity. You’ll be in charge of training a sports team or a single athlete as a sports coach. You’ll need some experience and a degree in athletics or other relevant subjects.

42. Fast Food Business

People appreciate fast food since it doesn’t take time to make. Starting a fast food business of your own in one of India’s metropolises is a terrific and lucrative business idea especially if you’re talented at cooking and you love people eating your cuisine.

43. Non Alcoholic Beverages

A great business idea, especially in India, is to open a non-alcoholic beverage shop. There are still some people who enjoy non-alcoholic soft drinks. This venture does not necessitate a large sum of money. Get started by figuring out what you’ll need for this business.

44. Laundry Services

Many folks don’t have time to do their laundry because of their hectic schedules. This is a fantastic business opportunity, especially if you live in one of India’s major cities. You’ll need a washing machine, ironing board, and iron, as well as any other necessary equipment for this operation.

45. Soap Making

This is one of the simplest business ideas for those with minimal money. To grasp the processes involved in making a superb soap, all you have to do is take online lessons on soap manufacturing. Purchase a soap mold as well as all of the necessary raw components.

46. Pickle Making

Women can start a business manufacturing pickles. This is a small-scale business that you can start from home. You only need to be skilled in this field, and with good packaging and advertising, you’ll be able to make a profit.

47. Writing for a living

Content creation for bloggers is a part of freelance writing. This is a fantastic business idea, and the best part is that you can do it at any time and from anywhere. To make a lot of money in this industry, you must be an expert.

48. Blogging 

Blogging is one of the most popular internet business concepts in the world, and India is no exception. Your role as a blogger is to write about things that people are interested in. All you need is a domain name and a web hosting page. You must be a specialist in this field.

49. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most well-known ways to make money online. You can create your own YouTube channel and upload fantastic videos on a regular basis, either to educate or entertain people. The more people that see your video, the more money you make.

50. Vlogging

Vlogging is a fantastic business idea that is similar to blogging, but instead of writing, a vlogger creates video content on hot themes. If you’re not afraid of being in front of the camera, you can start recording videos on a variety of topics and posting them to YouTube.

51. SEO expert 

Someone who assists a website in improving its rating is known as a Search Engine Optimization professional. This company concept necessitates a wide range of skills. You can start your own SEO consultancy in India if you’re an expert in the field.


Bihar is a developing state that will prosper in the coming years, making it an excellent place to establish a business. This article contains all of Bihar’s small, medium, and large business concepts. You can select any one business idea that is based on your preferences, financial resources, skills, knowledge, experience, and most importantly, your financial aptitude. Starting a business requires an initial investment, which is necessary to set up and to establish it, and later on, which will generate enough revenue for you. 

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