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Business Ideas For House Wives During COVID-19 Period in India!!

With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and the government imposing lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus, all the economic and educational activities have come to a pause. Social distancing has become the need of the hour and we need to confined in our homes.

We should not stop us from learning and exploring new things and opportunities. The pandemic has limited our physical activities but we should turn it into opportunity and start something of our own to learn new things and earn money.

Here are some of the best ideas which we can put into practice, do something of our own and earn money out of it-

1. Embroidery

Embroidery is one of the most creative and productive things one can do! People love to buy embroidery designed outfit, table cloth, decorative items and many more things that people love to use. If you have the skill of embroidery, this can be the right choice for you to do and deliver it.

Capital Required- The initial investment for this business will range around 15 to 20k  for purchasing machines, embroidery threads, clothes and other required materials.

Market area- There are so many people who love to wear and use the embroidery design clothes. You can create a social media page, promote your business, join groups and other sellers and make your business grow.

Income- Earn up to 8k to 15 k per month.

2. Jewellery making

Artificial jewellery is so much in trend and demand. People love to match their outfits with their jewellery. You can spend your precious time designing precious jewellery for your customers and deliver them by taking online orders and all the other people in your contact. It is best for housewives who has a passion for work but at the same time has to manage the household.

Capital Required- A decent amount of capital of around 5k to 7k is required to purchase the materials to make and design the jewellery.

Market area- Women loves to wear varieties of designed jewellery. You can create an online page on social media to take orders and promoting your business. You can even collaborate with budding social media influencers who will help you in promoting your jewellery. Also, you can place your jewellery for sale on online shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.

3. Customized Cups

Customized cups are best gifts and people are drooling over it. It often signifies the language of love and care and people love to gift it to their love and dear ones. Setting up the business of customized cups is a suitable option. You can create your online portal, take orders from there and deliver the token of love to customers.

Capital Required- Capital required for this will vary around 5k to 10k for purchasing printing machines, ink, paper, cups and other required materials.

Market area- Personalized and customized gifts are very much in trend and people love to gift them to their near and dear ones. Create pages on social media pages and also place your products for sale on various online shopping sites and sell them across the country.

Income- You can fairly earn around 3k to 7k per month.

4. Baking cake and cookies

As people are avoiding to eat from outside restaurants, homemade cakes and cookies can work and customers can be ensured safety and hygiene. Bake cakes for birthdays and anniversaries and delivers it to customer’s place with all the sanitizations and precautionary in mind.

Capital Required- A fair capital off 3k to 5k is required to purchase the utensils, baking ingredients and decorative ingredients for the cake and also for packaging. Most of the households have microwaves. In case, you don’t have, keep around 20,000 above for it.

Market Area– As people are avoiding to eat outside food, the homemade cake can be a good and secure replacement. Contact your friends, relatives and people in the locality, promote the business and deliver the cake in your city. You can even create a page and a youtube channel for further promotion and growth.

Income- Earn up to 8 to 15k in a month.

5. Soap making

Soap making is not a very difficult task! Making a herbal and natural soap is very much effective. People these days love to use eco-friendly and organic things and also herbal and natural souls are beneficial for the skin. Make them and sell them!

Capital Required- A capital of 3k to 5k is required for purchasing the materials to be used and for packaging the soaps.

Market size- People are switching to a more healthy lifestyle and with this, these soaps can be sold in bulks. You can join groups and contact people who follow a healthy lifestyle and belives to use eco-friendly products.

Income- You can earn up to 5k per month.

6. Making Bookmarks

People are so fond of books and reading nowadays can be created easily. Beautiful bookmarks can easily attract readers and you can sell it to book lovers!

Capital Required- For purchasing materials for making bookmarks such as paper, colours, sketch pens, ribbons and other decorative materials, you need an investment of around 2-3k.

Marketing- Social media marketing is the best option for selling bookmarks as social media have so many writers and readers account that you can attract with your wonderful bookmarks, take orders and deliver them.

Income- You can earn around 3 to 5k

7. Perfume making

Perfume made out of extracted lants and leaves which is natural and herbal can be made in the home and sell. They are also very mind-blowing and the fragrance can easily attract anyone! Make it in your home and sell it through online mediums.

Capital Required- Required capital for this business will be the amount used for purchasing materials to make perfume and bottles for filling it and packaging which can cost around 4k to 8k per month.

Market Size- Natural perfumes can be bought against the perfumes that contain harmful substances and therefore there is a wide market for your products. Add your product to online shopping sites and sell them to different parts of the country.

Income- You can earn up to 5k.

8. Selling masks

Making masks at home is also very easy. Designers and customized masks are beautiful to wear. To maintain the norms of social distancing, masks are the need of the hour. There is a huge demand of mask now. Make it, sell it and earn from it!

Capital required- Investment of around 2 to 5k is required for purchasing cloth and other required materials.

Market area- With the advent of COVID-19, masks are necessary for all of us. Hence, the market for masks is wide open. You can place your masks for sale in different sites such as, Amazon, etc. Also, you can take orders through your social media page and from other contacts.

Income- Earn up to 3k to 6k per month.

9. Online tutorials

As all the educational institutions shut down, students have switched to e-learning or digital learning for the time being. You can become an online tutor if you have the hobby and skills of teaching. You can either create your youtube channel, conduct lie lasses there or you can give personal tuition over skype or zoom.

Capital Required-  Zero investment apart from a good quality camera and smartphone.

Market area- With the advent pandemic, students have switched to e-learning hence online medium of education is in trend which opens so many doors of opportunities for tutors. You can create your youtube channel, become educator on other e-learning platforms such as unacademy, Vedantu etc.

Income- You can earn up to 10-20k per month.

10. Online dance classes

In this home-stuck period, everyone has plenty of time and want to utilize it learning something new or enhancing their existing skills, if you’ve dancing skills, this is the best for you to collect students and teach them to dance through online interactive platforms.

Investment required- The investment required for this business is to own a good quality camera, smart phone or PC.

Market area- People of all ag wants to learn dance but there’s also a huge competition on the internet. You can upload your videos on youtube, Instagram, Facebook for attracting students.

Income- Earn up to 5 to 12k per month.

11. Digital Marketing

With the advent of coronavirus, every business has caught the path of digitalization to promote their work and business for which they need a person who can look after marketing in digital platforms to increase their reach and expand their business. If you think, you can do this, it has a large scope in the current scenario.

Capital Required- Zero investment.

Market area- If you analyze every business idea from this post, you’ll analyze the importance of digital marketing. Every business requires digital marketing now. There are so many opportunities for digital marketing work. You can find digital marketing jobs from various job portal sites.

Income- Earn up to 5 to 15k per month.

12. Video Making

Bloggers, famous YouTubers, firms, businesses, online platforms are looking for video editors who can help them in creating impactful and attractive videos to attract people and divert traffic towards them. If you have these skills, this is the best option for you right now as it is very much in demand in the digital platform.

Capital Required- It requires some apps and software for editing the videos apart from that it requires zero investment.

Market area- Many bloggers, freelancers, businesses require video editors to give their site an attractive look. Look for the opportunities on different social portals, join groups, create your own social media page and a youtube channel for attracting people.

Income- Earn up to 5 to 8k per month.

13. Content Writing

Content writers are responsible for bringing amazing content to web sites, blogs and portfolios. They are very much in demand in this digital era to write content for spreading information and attracting people towards it. If you have good command on the language and have a relevant hobby, this is the right choice for you.

Capital Required- Zero investment.

Market area- Market area for content writers is very huge and a lot of scopes wait for the content writers. Apply on different job platforms, create your own writing page and blog for attracting people and join writers groups and clubs for exploring more opportunities.

Income- Earn up to 5k to 10k.

14. Graphic designing

With so much advancement in digital platforms and technology, graphic designing is the need of the hour to create impactful visuals to modify the sites and platforms. Every online business, blog, vlog needs a graphic designer to create amazing graphic designs and attract visitors.

Capital Required- Zero investment.

Market area- Graphic design gives shape and helps to attract more visitors to the pages and sites. You can apply for graphic design jobs on various sites and also can show your work on different social media pages.

Income- Earn up to 7 to 10k per onth.

15. Website Developer

Developing and designing a website is another crucial element of promoting business online and mark the presence in digital platforms. Website look is the first impression that a visitor forms as soon as they enter the website and this reason makes the role of web developers extremely important. This is the right choice for you as there are plenty of opportunities for web developers in the current scenario.

Capital Required- Zero investments.

Market area- Website is the core element of any business, you can apply for the jobs of this position through many of the online job search portals and also you can join various pages and groups on social media sites where people post about such vacancies.

Income- Earn up to 10k in a month

16. Blogging

Creating blogs to display your work and hobbies is a perfect idea. These days bloggers are the biggest influencers on social media platforms and they are emerging at a fast rate. If you have any hobby or passion that you want to show the world, this is the right option to go for!

Capital Required-  A fair amount of 2 to 3k to set up a WordPress blog and Promotion.

Market area- Bloggers are shaping the new era of social media sites and becoming influencers. Many companies and brands conduct collaboration and paid partnerships with bloggers. By creating your blog, you can attract many people with the help of social media pages.

Income- Earn up to 5 to 8k per month.

17. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are needed by firms and business to track the financial records of the company and to suggest and advice the company to use the finance in a correct and productive way to manage the expenses efficiently of the firm. You can apply for this position if you have a good knowledge of accounts and finance.

Capital Required- Zero investment

Market area– There is a clutch of freelancers, businesses, firms, entrepreneurs looking for financial advisors to help them manage finance online. You can look for such jobs on Linkedin, shine and many other sites.

Income- Earn up to 10 to 15k per month.

18. Tax Consultant

Tax consultants often prepare tax returns for clients, or they provide information and advice to help clients fill out their own tax returns. They answer client questions, help them prepare for future tax situations, and analyze information to ensure compliance with government regulations.

Capital Required – You need zero investment to work as a tax consultant. You just need to find a company, business or firm that will hire you.

Market area- So many companies, firms, freelancers are looking for people who’re well versed in tax and can give them proper advice over the internet and on different interactive platforms

Income- You can fairly earn up to 10 o 20k per month from the comfort of your home.

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