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Top Business ideas in bangalore

Best Business ideas in Bangalore
Best Business ideas in Bangalore

Everyone wants to start his own business be their own boss, they want to lead their ideas, do not bother about the deadlines and pressure given by bosses. That is why they start their own Business be it small, medium, or large. They want to run the things according to them.

To start a business you should have an innovative business idea, your interest in that idea, some qualification if required any, perfect business plans, finance, and most importantly network. So you start any type of business, it is very important to keep these points in mind.

Bangalore is one of India’s most hyperactive business cities and the most productive metro area of the country. Bangalore is the second-fastest-growing metropolis in India.  Forbes considers Bangalore one of “The Next Decade’s Fastest-Growing Cities”. The city is the third-largest hub for high net-worth individuals and is home to over 10,000-dollar millionaires.

Bangalore is a haven for those who want to start their own ventures. With tremendous business opportunities in Bangalore and economic growth, anyone with business ideas can flourish and can set up a highly profitable business. Let’s also not forget about the fact that Bangalore is known as The Silicon Valley of India because of the large number of Information Technology companies in the city. Though Bangalore city stars among the major three startup hubs in the country, It is still slow towards kick-starting good potential business. We can witness youth and vibrant people starting their businesses in the city because of the growing economic rate.

The facts mentioned above seem quite interesting and can lure people to start their own business there but what will work best for you, what suits you the most, that’s need to be figured out yet.

So, here is the list of best business ideas to give you an idea of your interests and what suits you the best, so that you can decide wisely and invest accordingly:

List of Business ideas in bangalore


Today we have entered an era where everything starts online and ends online. That is why launching your own online course can prove very beneficial for you and lure many people into it because now everybody has learned how to do work from home. Creating and selling online courses can be very lucrative and you can earn six or seven figures.

The demand for online courses has rapidly increased in the market as well and if you are an expert in any field and can explain the topics brilliantly to anyone, starting your own course will not be a bad idea for you. You just have to search for websites that can pay you a good amount for these courses, so that with a low investment you can start your own business.


This one of the best businesses with very negligible investment. Let us understand how it works, let us suppose that if you have reviewed a new smartphone and posted a video of its on youtube and also provided its Amazon link in the description box, so if anyone within 24 hours purchases that smartphone you will be getting a fixed amount of commission. The best part of it is that you can generate a full-time income with very low investment.


This type of business requires eye-catching promotional material to catch the attention of the audience. If you know about graphic designing and have quite well knowledge of this topic and can provide something unique to your audience so you can start this business. All you require is a laptop, some tools, and your own talent and uniqueness to engage the audience in your idea.


If you do not want to start something new like a proper business, you can definitely do freelancing. It includes logo designing, content writing, translation services, and giving voices to the animated characters (voiceovers). You can also consider opening your own youtube channels, blogging, and vlogging because nowadays everybody is a vlogger.

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Bangalore is one of the main tourist destinations in Karnataka, and people love to take back something from where they have traveled. So this business idea can be very cool. You will also gain knowledge by exploring the handicraft industry of Bangalore and the tourist destinations that can include Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore Palace Vidhana Soudha, Innovative film city, and many more exciting places.


Today everybody loves eating fast food even the people of Bangalore too, but they also want to eat healthily. There will be shops of fast food more but think of owning the healthy food shop, such a unique idea, right? Everybody loves to eat something which is healthy as well as tasty. So think of different kinds of varieties that will lure out customers to your shop and build your shop in the busy locations of Bangalore where you can get noticed.


Where there are students and like-minded people there is definitely a  huge demand for coffee. Bangalore as we all know lies in the south so south people love drinking coffee. So why not start a coffee outlet and let people have experience of your nicely brewed coffee.


If you yourself make products like cakes, pastries, homemade chocolates which your loved ones love to eat, so this will be a great option for you to open such a shop in Bangalore because their mostly lives educated people and they pay money for the quality and if your products have quality, you can earn great through it. You can add varieties like soaps, candles to attract customers. So start exploring your talent all it requires a little investment in the beginning and later on, you will definitely earn a lot of profit from it. You can start this business on the basis of per order and as time passes and as people start liking your products, you automatically start gaining popularity and name in the market.

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If you are an artist, you can start your own printing on-demand services if you are a cartoonist, photographer, or painter, so you can start with similar art and according to the demand in Bangalore sell your products. You can add customized greeting cards, framed wall art, sketches, posters, and paintings. Photo printing on cups, t-shirts and even pillows is in popular demand because this seems to be an interesting gift for someone to gift.


Every area in Bangalore must have a grocery store, so you all be thinking about what uniqueness you can present, you can start your own grocery store with delivery service as busy people means no time for shopping of the groceries and if they come to know about your delivery service then they will automatically be more engaged towards your shop and start ordering groceries from your shop.


If you own a big house with too many extra rooms so it will prove fruitful for you to give those spare rooms on rent as earlier mentioned Bangalore is a hub for students that have traveled across from different cities for education. So rent your spare rooms to them and earn a good amount of money.


If you love explaining concepts so be its primary classes or college students, you are looking back from opening this business. Parents of the students pay thousands for one subject at big coaching centers, but you can provide this service at a lower price and guarantee them their child’s excellent scores.


An entrepreneur who possesses all the knowledge of the world wide web. In a city like Bangalore being a webpreneur will prove very beneficial because of the setups of all the ITs there. It will help you explore all the web and let you build your own web empire. Be it a local information website. This city deals with all kinds of knowledge and will welcome you with a whole heart because anything that serves the local people’s interest will prove beneficial for you.


Big cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai have too many event managing companies but they always remain busy and these cities are always filled with opportunities like these because be it any birthday celebration, weddings, launching of a new product in the market, fundraising event, fashion show, or a concert, people need everything to be managed and well organized. So this business can be very happening for you and you can showcase your leadership skills, managerial skills, and creative mind.


Fashion never goes out of demand, people everywhere need to look stylish and people in Bangalore love to try everything that is actually good. If you are into fashion designing, this could be your opportunity to start a boutique of your own in a big city like this where you can know for your work, where people praise you, and definitely you will earn great from this. You can start one online also to generate an extra income by posting your designs on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many more apps like these.


Weddings are something that the people of Bangalore consider to be of prestige, an honor. Weddings in India are a constant thing. Marriages seem to be one of the festivities, a period of joy mixed with happy tears, so keeping all these points in mind opening your own bridal shop seems to be a great idea. People need wedding attire to get married, provide them with trendy designs, and have the option of customized wedding attires. This will attract a greater audience and eventually get popular.


Typically, a social media manager is the person within an organization who is trusted with monitoring, executing, filtering, and measuring the social media presence of a product, brand, corporation, or even individual. In technology-based cities like Bangalore, this is the best business one can have. These managers have to do a lot of writing like dozens of posts in a day. For this business, you need to be hardworking and dedicated to handling the company’s social media well. Research work is a necessity in every field and so is required in this one too.

You need to be a social media expert because you are the key to everything.


Opening a medical store would be the best option at any point in time because people need medicines now and then. People will fall ill and require medicines for it and opening a pharmacy store in your area would be a great idea.


Big city people need to have their houses as per their preference. Let the creative person in you come out and guiding people on how to decorate their homes, their master bedrooms, kids’ room, the kitchen will let you explore more and the people will get what they wanted.

So I hope that the business ideas provide to you will prove helpful in a way or another and hope you got a clear idea of what to start, how to start, how much investment is needed, how to promote your business online.

Whatever venture you start just keep in mind hard work is the key and don’t pressurize yourself for success, once you give your all the hard work and dedication then you need not be worried about success. One day or another you will be successful, you would be recognized because even the top businessmen of the world didn’t get success at once, they also failed and learned from their mistakes and had faith that they will be successful. So keep working hard and everything will go according to your plans.

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