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Odisha’s economy was mainly based on Agriculture. Now it is transforming towards the business sector and promoting business opportunities in the state. You can surely secure yourself a very good place in the transforming market of Odisha. You can definitely start your own business in the state and can reach greater heights. The main income of the state comes from agriculture but there are other sectors as well.  Odisha consists of hotels, tourism, restaurants, transport, communication, information services, and also financial services. The state is experiencing steady economic growth. The Rath Yatra of Jagannath Temple is world-famous.

Some of the business ideas are listed below to give you an idea about what to start:


There is a high demand for candles in the state. Budding entrepreneurs who want to start their own business can start with this and can gain experience. You can make different types of candles like the white ones, decorative candles for festivities. Scented candles also have good demand. People not only purchase candles on festivities but also as a showpiece for home and office spaces.

It is an art that you are turning this into a professional line and earning money out of it. It is the best opportunity for creative people. The production of candles is very simple and can be done if proper planning is there. You firstly need to how to manufacture the candles, the process. Then research about the licenses and permits required if any to start this business. Choose the best business structure.

Connect with local wholesalers and retailers for buying raw materials for candles. Take advantage of social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to promote and advertise your business. Use strategies like selling candles at a reasonable price than your competitors to build a community.


We all are very well familiar with the disadvantages that plastic causes. The alternative for plastic is to use products made out of jute. The best product to make out of jute is the jute bag. Odisha is very wee-known for its jute crops production. So one can easily this business there. Jute is currently the strongest, shiniest fiber available on the planet. Unlike plastic bags, jute bags are reusable and environmentally friendly. 

They serve all purposes such as starting from carrying lightweight jewelry to heavy products. With a little creativity of yours, you can make simple jute bags into a decorative material that attracts travelers. Students can use jute bags to carry books. Women carry jute bags as a handbag. The working people use the bag to carry lunch for work.

They are versatile and can be used as gift bags. These bags are used as shopping bags all over the world. Jute bags can be used for transport and travel purposes as well. Set up your store in an area where traffic moves all day. So you can get notices and can increase your sales. The raw materials used are jute fabric, dyes, printing gum, sewing thread, etc.


The food delivery business will be the best business to start in Odisha. This service is needed in the state so why not try your hands on this business? You only need to expand your connection to start this business. Expand your network of connections by getting in touch with the owners of hotels and restaurants. Find your niche in food delivery services.  You can create a website as well as a mobile app for the same.

Research well about your target market. Plan your food delivery menu and services. Prepare the basic requirements like the containers, pots, and pans in which meal is to be cooked. Think about creating a marketing strategy like word of mouth by neighbors and family. Digital marketing through social media. Create a well-designed business and meal plan.

Accomplish your licenses and permits like business permits, tax payments, sanitary permits. This business can also be well operated from home. You just need to keep all the points and strategies mentioned above in your mind to earn huge profits.


Odisha is world-famous for its handicraft pieces. It is one of the best sources to earn money from. The most popular works include pottery, horn works, terracotta, and more. You can also start selling your products online to earn an additional income.

Research the market demand, make sure there is demand for the products you are aiming to keep in the store, differentiate your product line from others. Know your customers and their preferences, choose a name with strong brand potential. Reserve your online assets, source quality materials, develop a selling strategy, practice your product photography and try to establish a website online.

 Try keeping brass handicrafts, decorative materials, marble handicrafts, embroidered work, candle stands, garden accessories, light products, home décor. You can start this business and can hire native employees to work. You will easily find skilled workers and will be surprised to know so much about the city’s hidden talents. The items can be presented present both at local and global fair events.


The tourism industry in Odisha is one of the integral sectors of the place. There are so many places to visit such as temples, beaches, craftsmanship, landscapes, monuments, wildlife sanctuaries, scenic beauty, and many more. The tourism industry needs proper planning and arrangements. In the tourism industry, you can explore many options like travel blogging and vlogging, adventure tourism, ecotourism.

The beautiful city got tourists both from the nation and outside the nation and from the past two years, international tourists have increased in the city because of the widely acknowledged infrastructural development, enhanced hospitality services, and natural scenic destinations of Odisha.

This sector includes operating travel agencies, tour guide services, and tour operator services. One can choose any of the options and will earn great money through these agencies. In operating travel agencies one has to quote fares and rates, make the necessary reservations.  Arrangement of travel tickets and accommodation, arrangement of travel insurance, documents, and acceptance of payments. A tour guide will travel and accompany the tourists throughout the whole tour and provide them with the necessary information about that place and will also make the tourists familiar with the hotels and their prices. The Tour operator is the person who is done with all the planning, organizing, scheduling, arranging tours, he also thinks of ideas to get more customers and how to make the holidays of the tourists more memorable.


If you have enough experience in the field of teaching, then this business is best for you. Visakhapatnam, as we all know is an educational institution, will be a very profitable business to start. In today’s generation coaching center is a necessity for students of all age groups. The reason for this being the different types of competitive exams.

This business requires the teachers to have expertise in different subjects. The city is the hub for higher education. Highly lucrative and always in demand business. The requirements for starting a coaching center are commercial space at the central location where you can attract students. You need adequate lighting, furniture for the seating arrangement, expert faculty. These are the basic requirements.

It can be anything you are great at, English language, Accounts, Business Studies, Mathematics, or any other foreign language. Parents of the students pay thousands for one subject at big coaching centers but you can provide this service at a lower price and can guarantee them excellent scores of their child. If you love explaining concepts so be its primary classes or college students, you are looking back from opening this business. You can also provide services like home tuitions to the students who can not visit your place due to some reasons, this will gain you extra income.


DSA is a person who works as a referral agent for a bank or NBFC. The main job of a DSA is to find potential customers for the bank they are representing. They don’t just gather potential leads but also procure the completed loan application from their leads along with required documents, conduct a preliminary check of both the application and the documents, ensure that the documents provided are genuine, upload or submit these documents and the application form and provide their DSA  code so the application can be traced back to them.

You can earn additional income by providing your services as DSA, the amount you earn may vary from lead to lead, you can run your business with minimum cost with very little risk, there are flexible working hours, not much education is required, your training is provided by the bank or NBFC.

 A direct selling agent or DSA is a person who works as a direct referral agent for a bank, the main role is to find potential customers for the bank or a financial institution they are representing. This business is highly profitable and payout can be varied because it depends on the leads or the customers one can bring for that particular bank.

There is tremendous growth for this business in the market because of the increasing rate of loan taking capacity of the people these days, also with the increasing marketplaces, there is a tremendous increase in the demand for loans among people. You can be a DSA irrespective of your job and can earn additional income, you will also be recognized as a channel partner of the prestigious financial institution.

This can become an ideal opportunity for being an entrepreneur, you can also work part-time in this field, this business does not require any sort of higher education, you do not require any kind of initial deposit for this business, you do not have to worry about the deadlines and time limit.

 One has to sell the bank products proactively to new/ prospective customers. They also have to maintain accurate records of all the sales activities, budget achievements and cross-sell referrals. One also has ensured the accuracy of all the bank forms and documents executed by the potential customers. They are also known as Business Correspondents or Loan Officers.


The main role of a tax consultant or a tax advisor is to help people and organizations to pay their taxes. It deals with giving expert advice for the business on how to manage and file their taxes. Tax laws change from time to time and many people or organizations might be unaware of the laws and regulations, so a tax consultancy helps them in understanding those laws.

The services that a tax consultant provides includes, collecting, organizing, and preparing tax documents and returns, evaluating a client’s financial and legal circumstances to determine tax liabilities, assisting clients with tax issues during and after a significant life transition, completing complex tax forms and schedules that most tax preparers are unaware with.

Becoming a tax consultant and opening a tax consultancy firm requires preparation in the form of education, and in some cases certification, registration, and licensing. Tax consultants also help their clients in making wise decisions related to tax issues. Filing tax returns should not be your only business, send free newsletters and other updates, prepare and update tax calendar followed by marketing activities, equipped with client management software, share before you sell, give referral incentives, get membership of the local chamber of commerce and other relevant bodies, organize seminars and symposium.

It will always be beneficial if you start your tax consultancy firm because people will definitely take advice from you as you are there to save their time and know that being a tax consultant, they know everything about the government. tax laws and regulations. It is also hassle-free, in a nutshell, a tax consultant will solve all your financial-related queries.


You can easily make money by working from home or online. A lot of people are making money by adopting this method. Offer a freelance writing service, drop-shipping business, become an online business coach, provide SEO consulting services, manage social media accounts, design website themes, offer media and email templates, start your own blog, blog flipping, be a brand strategist, sell stock photos online, become a virtual assistant, sell your craft, web designing, game development, teaching, translation services, college counseling, transcription services.

If you do not want to start something new like a proper business, you can definitely do freelancing. It includes logo designing, content writing, translation services, and giving voices to the animated characters (voiceovers). You can also consider opening your own youtube channels, blogging, and vlogging because nowadays everybody is a vlogger. This will be the best idea to start for a student or for that matter anyone. Odisha provides you ample amount of opportunities to start something from your home.


This type of business requires eye-catching promotional material to catch the attention of the audience. If you know about graphic designing and have quite well knowledge of this topic and can provide something unique to your audience so you can start this business. All you require is a laptop, some tools, and your own talent and uniqueness to engage the audience in your idea.

Graphic designing is a business where people create visual content to communicate with the targeted audience,  they create ideas to inspire the audience, they develop the overall layout and the designs by using computer software or through their hands.

There are different types of graphic designers which include, visual identity graphic design, marketing, and advertising graphic design, marketing graphic design, user interface graphic design, publication graphic design, packaging graphic design, motion graphic design, environmental graphic design, art and illustration for graphic design.

 You can either work full-time or part-time and earn a good amount of money. Find your first graphic design clients, set your pricing, name your graphic designing business, build a basic website, develop a simple graphic designing plan, communicate with your clients, deliver high-quality projects on time, write and send professional invoices, collect payments from your clients, ask for referrals.


Web development is the building and maintenance of websites, you have to work from behind to make a website look great, you need to work fast and perform well to make a website look great. Website development is the way to make people aware of the services or the company’s brands and make them understand the relevance of the products.

 Web designers are part artists and part tech geeks. This business can be done from anywhere you have internet access. You need a home office that is quiet and free from distractions, Hardware, including a computer, quality monitor, scanner, printer, and digital camera, Software for graphics, photos, and video, which may be free or cost hundreds of dollars. A high-speed Internet connection and perhaps server space for site hosting and testing, a menu of the services you’ll provide, and what you’ll charge for them.

A contract that outlines all the policies on how you work. A business plan, outlining your services, target market, and financial goals. A marketing plan that includes your target market and how you plan to reach it.

A website of your own that not only represents your skills but offers a place to showcase your portfolio of work online. Marketing materials, such as business cards and brochures. A strong network to access for possible referrals. As there has been an increase in the website developer this is one of the best business ideas to start.


Starting a blog seems to be a great option if you know of any of the languages and to share your knowledge with others through writing. You can earn great by blogging from your home with nominal investment. It is one of the easiest, legitimate ways to earn money online.

For starting a career in a blog or for writing a blog you should keep in mind a few things which are: subject of the blog, choosing a platform for blogging, how will you host your blog,  purchase your word press hosting. If you love writing and love telling stories, share your experiences with the world and earn some money.  So keep these little things in mind and you can have a great future ahead.

The main reason why bloggers are making money today because of the good content they post regularly. People start writing blogs sharing their viewpoints, opinions, teaching others what they know, selling and promoting their products.

Consider the opportunities to monetize, pick an audience to serve, choose a blogging platform, lay the groundwork for distribution, plan out your publishing strategy. You can start a travel blog focusing on Odisha.


Fashion never goes out of demand, people everywhere need to look stylish and people in Odisha love to try everything that is actually good. If you are into fashion designing, this could be your opportunity to start a boutique of your own in a big city like this where you can know about your work.

Where people praise you, and definitely you will earn great from this. You can start one online also to generate an extra income by posting your designs on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many more apps like these.

Decide on the type of boutique you want to start, decide on the USP of the store- the purpose of the business, decide on the clothes you will carry and who will sell them to. Decide on the sources of funding for the business, search for the location where you can have your store, decide on where you will source the clothes/fabric from, decide on the pricing, decide on the store layout, decide on the operational procedures of your store.

Finish the legalities of the business, hire good qualitative employees, make a marketing plan, buy everything you need, write down your business plan, plan a grand opening for your store and do hard work for the future.


The education sector of Odisha is organized and is increasing with a steady growth rate. To add to their skills residents over there are taking up courses of computer training. So this will turn to be a great option for you to start your computer training center in Odisha.

Computer and computer programs are the most wonderful and useful tools today. You can target clients like private individuals or corporate types. One will be requiring computers of the latest technologies and up-to-date versions of the software.

 You should know about various computer programs before teaching them to others, develop a curriculum to make things more clear and to be organized, select a teaching venue, create a marketing plan, establish your business as a legal entity, set up a business website.

If you are a technology lover and possess the skill of the computer and want to convert that skill into a business, then one should start a computer training center and this will be a beneficial and highly profitable business to start in Odisha.

 There are various options to choose from to get started with this business idea. You can either train students about a specific program or share your knowledge of operating systems with them. You can also start with basics like Microsoft office, tally, etc. If you have more knowledge about the programming systems like Java, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

  Many people want to enhance their technical skills to get highly paid jobs. You will not find any difficulty in finding potential students and the earning depends on how many students you have and how well you are aware of the concepts. Understand the local market, choose the type of computer training center, create a business plan.

Name your computer training school, register your business, choose a location, hire skilled manpower. With the right experience, this business can be a great option for someone looking to start a new business. There is a very huge range of potential students. This business can be highly profitable to start in Odisha.


It is one of the best online business tactics to promote your products online and earn a good amount of money. Find and join an affiliate program, choose which products to offer. Obtain a unique affiliate link for each other, share those links on your blog, social media platforms, website.

 It is considered to be the best business in recent times because of its low risk, it offers the potential to significantly scale the earnings and increase them This one of the best businesses with very negligible investment.

Let us understand how it works, let us suppose that if you have reviewed a new smartphone and posted a video of its on youtube and also provided its Amazon link in the description box, so if anyone within 24 hours purchases that smartphone you will be getting a fixed amount of commission.

The best part of it is that you can generate a full-time income with very low investments. Set up a website, blog, or some social media profiles and earn money by posting affiliate links to relevant products or services. Find an affiliate program, choose which offers to promote. Obtain a unique affiliate link for each other, share those links on your blog, social media platforms, or websites.

Collect the commission anytime someone uses your links to make a purchase, create great content, drive traffic to your affiliate site, get clicks on your affiliate links, convert clicks to sales.


Many companies are investing in increasing their online presence which can prove to be a very good business opportunity in Odisha. You can connect with the local businesses and can make them explain and understand the importance of a strong online presence and that could play beneficial in your favor.

This business can be listed on social media platforms to engage the audience. You can also create a website for the same. You should have sufficient knowledge of digital marketing and can hire different people like content writers, web designers, marketers, etc.

Most of the owners of the older shops do not even know how to socialize themselves, they are still practicing on brick and mortar concept. So with the help of an internet marketing agency you can help such owners and can earn good money. Since there is no possibility of social media slowing down you can always include new things on your list and work upon them.

It is an immensely profitable venture as social media never goes out of demand. Know your market, research well, be ready with the business plan to do things accordingly.


This is the strongest way of advertisement. This business is all about advising your clients about how to promote the products or services. The challenge is to make such plans of advertising that it catches the attention of the target audience. When one is preparing plans for outdoor advertising, one should keep in mind the things related to the budget and expectations of the target audience.

 As an outdoor advertising consultant you need to first understand the needs of the clients and then plan accordingly.  A detailed business plan is an important tool to have before starting a business, building the potential team for this business so that my skills and knowledge of these workers your company can expand.

Hope you all got an idea of what business to start in Odisha. Whatever business you start keep in mind all the points mentioned in different ideas. You should do in-depth research to make your business successful. Just keep working hard according to the business plans you establish.


You will daily learn from your mistakes and only those mistakes will make you successful. If you want to brainstorm more so the list is never-ending you can research more but the business ideas stated above are the most profitable ones. In each business there will be barriers, there will be obstacles but your hard work, strength, your dedication can easily overcome those obstacles and can become great success stories for the world. You have the power to inspire the world by following your passion, your dreams and become successful.

Whatever business you choose it is important to keep in mind its advantages and disadvantages as the old saying suggests coin has two sides, so like that business also has two sides one positive and one negative and one should be ready for all the challenges and experiences they are going to have once they start a business. Whatever business you choose, choose it wisely!!