Early-Stage Startups Deep Rooted, Aye Finance, Univest Raise Funding

Deep root, farm for fruits and vegetables (F2C), as part of its series on Thursday, raised $ 12.5 million (about 98 rupees), including existing investors, including Hair, Amnivar and Mifield.

Bengalur begins planning a new income to expand its tracks in the southern pockets and increase internal capabilities in all technologies and marketing, technological and commercial levels. Founded in 2020 by Avinash PR, Gururaj Rao, Arvind Murali and Santosh Narasipura, Deep Rooted provides urban consumers with access to fresh produce directly from farmers.


“Through our partnership with IvyCap, we are expanding into South India, working directly with farmers and providing urban consumers with fresh fruits and vegetables,” Avinash told PR. Ashish Wadwani, Partner, IvyCap Ventures said, “Fruits and vegetables is a disruptive category. Deep Rooted, with a sharp focus on F&V, has already demonstrated a sustainable and profitable view of the opportunity while delivering value to farmers and end consumers.”. Hello Nidhi

Fintech firm Aye Finance has raised Rs 65 crore (about $8 million) in debt financing from Geneva-based market access platform Symbiotics Investments.

In a statement released Thursday, the company plans to use the new funds to expand its loan portfolio and bring more people into the structured lending segment among a small number of small firms. Aye Finance in Gurugram is a platform that provides business loans to small and micro enterprises across India. The company claims to have applied advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions to its critical business processes. advertising

“Since 2014, we have been providing affordable loans to historically underserved small businesses in India. We have adapted our entire business model to meet the credit needs of this sector. Sanjay Sharma, founder and CEO of iFinance, noted that the requirements for unsecured portfolio loans are limited in technical expertise. Prashant Bhardwaj, South Asia Regional Director at Symbiotic Investments, said: “These social bonds are confirmation of Symbiotic Investment’s strategy to provide sustainable social and environmental bonds to financial institutions operating in emerging and advanced markets. In addition, the bond income will expand the access of finance to the middle segment of MSMEs through the strong distribution network of Aye Finance.

Fintech platform Oneist on Thursday announced that it has raised Rs 3.8 crore in a seed funding round from an angel investor. The company will spend the new money on product launch and team building.

Founded this year by Praneet Arora and Avneet Tamia, Univest offers a unique investment environment that allows influencers and investors to discover, research, trade, share information and track stocks. “The challenge for most retail investors is to find the right moment to exit long-term investments and turn them into a good investment opportunity. There is a lot of information about markets, but the task of forecasting has its own challenges.” Univest solved the problem and began the task of providing functional information to provide a portfolio of quality and quality to its customers, thus contributing to the knowledge of new investment opportunities with high ROI profit. By creating a community of educated and self -taught investors, our goal is to help travel to the development of any individual investor.

The Weldec, based in the Savart Hiderrabad, raised $ 1.5 million (about 11 rupees) in front of Angel Foundation led by an investment catalyst. Existing Beenext Asia Fund investors and angel investors also participated in the round.

The company plans to use the new capital to redouble its marketing efforts, expand its product portfolio and expand its global reach. Users of Santa Santa help us create long -term efficiency by using our privacy research system through our mutual finances and investments in promotions.

“We are pleased that investors who believe that a trip to India becomes the biggest Indian investment advisor is a step on our trip to the largest and efficient business in stock management.” 9Unicorns said, “We are delighted to support these young and dynamic entrepreneurs who are committed to simplifying and simplifying investing through innovative technology that is ahead of most robo-advisors in India.

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