On Friday, a healthy snacks brand SnackAmor disclosed that founder of VANS group, former advisor of OLA- Dr Srinivas Chunduru invests in SnackAmor from the investments of VANS group and joined as the Strategic Advisor of the company. However, the amount invested by him is not disclosed by SnackAmor.


Dr Srinivas has also worked as an Executive Director and Business Head of Piramal and currently working as director of Financial Technology start-up of Mumbai- Crowdera and digital financial services company AF capital.

“Chunduru’s contribution to our next level of growth and design and implementation of the best-in-class HR strategy for us would play an immensely important role,” founder of SnackAmor said.

The development came after Kriska Genesis Ingredients Pvt Ltd which operates SnackAmor raised its funds from some local and foreign high net worth individuals in March.

VANS Group- VANS investments and VANS Skilling and advisory

VANS Investment focuses on investments in new age and fintech companies. On the other hand, VANS skilling and advisory he’s in the operation of the company in the market and companies to skill.



SnackAmor is founded by Deepak Grover with a vision to offer healthy, natural and tasty snacking to its customers.

Their products are crunch and at the same time full of essential nutrients, proteins and vitamins for the human body with exciting flavours and free from artificial preservatives which makes it more appealing among customers.

Visit the website here- SnackMor explained that it is planning to disrupt the snacking segment and making the snacks available for all the customers at an affordable cost along with health benefits and well being. Till now, their products range in as many as 12 varieties.

The company is currently operating in 6 metropolitan cities of India- Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

With the raised amount in the SnacAmor Startup, it plans to increase the new availability of snack products in the company and to provide more colourful, flavoured, fresh and crunchy experience to their customers.


Other investments in Food-tech startups

As we are entering into more busier world with hectic schedules we often overlook our eating habits which leads us to unavoidable unhealthy states. It has become important to add health factor in our diet along with taste and flavours. There had been growing interests of investors in food tech startups which can be traced by the new investments that have come on the way to food tech startups.

In May, Timios which is a children-focused health snack start-up raises its funding from a round of pre-series funding.

Clutch of affluent investors such as Vijay Shekar Sharma of PayTM and Venture Capital firm Matrix partners together raised funds of Open Secret- ah healthy snack startup in the month of December.

The seed funding is done by Matrix partners and Sauce Vc to Protein bar maker and nothing else- startup launched by Unilever executive.

The aim of all the food tech startups remains the same to give a crunchy, full of nutritious ingredients along with cherishing taste for the best eating experience to the customers.