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Lucknow is one of the populated and rapidly growing cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh along with a lot of manpower. It is a fast-growing hub for growth opportunities and business ventures. The major industries of Lucknow include aeronautics, automotive, machine tools, distillery chemicals, furniture, and Chikan embroidery. Tourists from across the globe also visit this city to explore the rich culture and heritage with the iconic buildings. The city also organizes “heritage walk” for the tourists to make them familiar with the popular monuments of the city. Lucknow is also home to many educational hubs.

There are a lot of business ideas that can come to someone’s mind but to choose the best business idea that is what requires some hard work and brainstorming. One requires sheer planning and execution.

What are the most successful small businesses?

What business can I start with RS 10000?

Which business is best in up?

Which business is best for middle class family?

Let us discuss in detail what business idea one should execute :


Lucknow is a very large and growing city. In Lucknow mostly all the people are working. They do not even have time for washing their cars at home. Everyone who owns a car must get their cars washed at least once a week. This business can be fun, interesting, and most importantly profitable if started in Lucknow. With the right knowledge of the perfect locations, correct information about the car wash techniques, marketing tactics, and quality service, one can earn huge money from this business. You can also start your own mobile car wash, in this, you have to visit the customer’s place to provide them the services, this business will become highly profitable if you do this business correctly. You need to invest in buying equipment like a washing system, such as a conveyor tunnel, chemicals, dryers, blowers, vacuums, brushes, towels, water system. Opening a car wash business requires significant investment, correct planning, and attention to the littlest details, to make the business profitable. One can visit a car washes to get an idea of how this business works, one should be familiar with all the trends and statistics of the area from which the business has to start, research about the competition of your area, work on the business plan, find the investment capital for opening a car wash, get necessary permits and licenses, market your business, hire employees, use strategies like giving away free car washes and other promotional items, add services to make your business successful, offer express detailing services, use text messages to contact potential customers, offer monthly passes. Using these techniques and your own knowledge and creativity one can easily make this business a huge success.


The main role of a tax consultant is to help advise people about the functioning of the funds including tax returns. A business tax consultant is a person who helps you with all tax-related queries. It is a business that helps you with the devices of the tax files. For some companies, the tax filling procedure might be intimidating because the government laws and procedures regarding the taxes change regularly and it is not easy to remember each law, so that is why big companies hire tax consultants. Tax consultants have to collect organize and prepare tax-related documents and files. Tax consultants have to arrange and filling out tax forms. They also provide accounting services, helping the organization in paying their taxes. Providing tax consultancy services in Lucknow or starting your own tax consultancy firm is one of the most innovative and profitable businesses to start because of the growing opportunities of business for new entrepreneurs. This business is best to start in Lucknow because of the availability of all kinds of startups and companies over there. You can outsource your services as a self-employed worker and start your career or business in this field. Lucknow being the hub for new startup companies needs to know the regularly changing tax laws and filing tax reports. Tax consultants help in making tax returns and work closely with potential clients to minimize their tax liabilities throughout the year. One can also start giving tax consultancy lessons and open a coaching center to generate good income. Tax consultation is a lucrative field, and one can play an integral role in providing tax consulting services for a company. One can work with any firm, business, office, or sole proprietor to help them with generating answers to their queries and work on tax preparation issues.


A direct selling agent or DSA is a person who works as a direct referral agent for a bank, the main role is to find potential customers for the bank or a financial institution they are representing. This business is highly profitable and payout can be varied because it depends on the leads or the customers one can bring for that particular bank. There is tremendous growth for this business in the market because of the increasing rate of loan taking capacity of the people these days, also with the increasing marketplaces, there is a tremendous increase in the demand for loans among people. You can be a DSA irrespective of your job and can earn additional income, you will also be recognized as a channel partner of the prestigious financial institution, this can become an ideal opportunity for being an entrepreneur, you can also work part-time in this field, this business does not require any sort of higher education, you do not require any kind of initial deposit for this business, you do not have to worry about the deadlines and time limit. One has to sell the bank products proactively to new/ prospective customers, they also have to maintain accurate records of all the sales activities, budget achievements, and cross-sell referrals, one also has ensured accuracy of all the bank forms and documents executed by the potential customers. They are also known as Business Correspondents or Loan Officers. 


Decorating someone’s homes and office spaces can be a very lucrative and fun business for entrepreneurs that expertise in the field of designing and creativity. Interior designing is the art of enhancing the spaces of individuals that wish to live in lavish spaces. An Interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such projects. Know your target clients, get your startup a unique logo, put your business online, offer your services free initially, market your business on online channels, create and show amazing photos of the work, attend trade events in your area, distribute flyers, explore email marketing, project yourself as an authority. Determine your niche, define your services, decide your pricing, develop a marketing strategy, get a solid accounting system to keep a track of all the expenses and funds. Think out of the box to grab the attention of customers and to increase your list of customers. This will be a great business to start in the city of Lucknow.


This business is very useful to start in Lucknow because the scope of this business is high. Earlier this business was handled manually but with the growth of this sector and with expanding business this has taken a new turn. Market analysis- not just market analysis is required in courier services but for every business, negotiate and collaborate with intercity logistics, outsource delivery app requirements, build a market network of delivery boys, spearhead offline and digital marketing strategies, focus on feedback, make expansion plans side by side, pick your specialty or niche, choose a legal business structure, purchase the necessary vehicles and supplies, secure proper insurance coverage, set rates, and pricing structure, define customer service standards, implement marketing and advertising strategies. By following your passion and the steps mentioned above you can start your own courier services business. 


Stationery is a very essential part of educational institutes like schools, colleges, and offices. If you can provide good quality stationery such as pencils, erasers, sharpeners, book covers, chart papers, sheets used for projects and much more items like these and that too on time then this business is perfectly suited for you. Viable negotiation skill is required in the start of this business. The demand for stationery supplies never goes out of the market and on earn high profits through this business. Choosing a good location is very important in the stationery business, the location should be surrounded by offices, schools, and colleges. If the space is quite big then you can easily add it to the list of supplies. If you have quite the big space then It’s always profitable to keep a photocopy machine and a printer along with the facilities of color printouts and computer-related work. Select and sell the latest trending items. It’s always profitable to keep toys and other related items also to increase your profits rate.


After completing 12 standard one need to have a better understanding of the courses and related exams and what course one should pursue in the future. For this, they seek the help of career counselors and charge them money accordingly. If one knows all information about the different courses and exams, then you can help the students choose the right direction and as per their interests. In this, you need to examine the students carefully and then accordingly suggest the right course. It is also known as career guidance and is a process by which students can make a successful step for the future. Define your target audience- there are two types of counselors educational/school counselors which guide school students to be more engaged and improve their skills, the second one is career counselors which help college aspirants to decide their future paths. Establish a medium of communication.


This is also one of the profitable businesses to start in Lucknow if one has some knowledge in the respective field. This is one of the demanding businesses in every corner of the nation. Lucknow is a very large city and one can start every business in the city but with the correct amount of planning, knowledge of the field. With this business, one can also start repairing laptops and mobile repair services. If you do not have any experience or knowledge in this field then you can work somewhere else before opening your own shop. This will help you in giving experience and the knowledge required. This type of business repairs damaged or malfunctioning types of equipment such as computers, televisions, phones, gaming devices, and many more home appliances. Electronics are a necessity in today’s world. If something is a machine, it is sure that it needs maintenance and repairs from time to time. Plan your whole business, be ready with layout of the finances and funds, costs involved, who is your target market, fix the prices to be charged from the customers, how much profits will you be making from the business, be ready with the answers to these questions, so that at the time of starting this business there is no confusion at all.     


Event planning/ management is the process of arranging parties, marriages, meetings, and ceremonies. An event manager is solely responsible for managing everything for the event. He is the ultimate planner, and key to everything like choosing a location, hiring caterers, entertainment, and arranging other vendors. This business has huge potential and growth rate in Lucknow. Apart from the working population, many residential people also live in the city so an event planning business is the best choice to start in Lucknow. For an event planning business, you need to have a degree or experience in the field, license, necessary equipment, inventory, place in the market, some skilled and creative workers, funds to invest in the business. Gain event planning skills and experience to make the business successful, determine your event planning market/forte, make a business plan, designate which business entity fits best for your firm, obtain business insurance, develop your network of suppliers and staffing resources, define your event planning services, establish an event planning fee structure, secure funding for your business, focus on business development and marketing for your event planning business. Use the help of social media platforms to promote your business to get huge orders from potential customers, also use a PR company when possible, clearly define your scope of work, mission, goals, for the event business, search your market well. Spend some time learning tax laws and business filling in your area/locality. The event management business will turn out to be one of the most successful business ideas in Lucknow.


Many people in Lucknow love to sip tea or coffee roadside. The huge population in Lucknow is mostly working and they before going and after coming from their respective work locations love to have some coffee or tea. Many people have become rich by selling tea and coffee in the most populous locations of the city. Once you start getting results then you will automatically convert your small shop or business into a big restaurant. Research your market well, survey your market, make a good plan- choose which snacks you want to sell along with tea and coffee, make sure you have a reliable supplier of milk and other necessary products, regularly try to improve your product, choose the name and get the license, keep the focus on the hygiene part- this will help you get a huge number of customers and you will automatically attract several potential customers. This is the easiest business to start as no expertise is required. This business has huge potential as there is a huge demand for tea and coffee in the market and it never goes out of demand and you will earn good money throughout the year.


The demand for this business is increasing day by day in every city. Lucknow being a tech city, this business will definitely help generate good income. As many companies have generated their websites online for generating an additional income, they also want to grab the attention of customers to grow. The companies also want to expand their businesses in different cities to earn good revenue. Lucknow is one of the fastest-growing cities in India and many other companies want to set their businesses in Lucknow. This is one of the great business ideas in Lucknow to start and one also doesn’t need much investment, one only needs to have the knowledge and creative mind in this field. Web development is the building and maintenance of websites, you have to work from behind to make a website look great, you need to work fast and perform well to make a website look great. Website development is the way to make people aware of the services or the brands of the company and making them understand the relevance of the products.  Web designers are part artists and part tech geeks. This business can be done from anywhere you have internet access. You need a home office that is quiet and free from distractions, Hardware, including a computer, quality monitor, scanner, printer, and digital camera, Software for graphics, photos, and video, which may be free or cost hundreds of dollars, a high-speed Internet connection and perhaps server space for site hosting and testing, a menu of the services you’ll provide and what you’ll charge for them. A contract that outlines all the policies on how you work. A business plan, outlining your services, target market, and financial goals. A marketing plan that includes your target market and how you plan to reach it. A website of your own that not only represents your skills but offers a place to showcase your portfolio of work online. Marketing materials, such as business cards and brochures. A strong network to access for possible referrals.


If you are thinking of opening a salon, so don’t just think to go for it because something in fashion is always trending and everybody wants to look great as well as needs regular grooming. This business can be your chance to earn some good money. Before opening a salon you need to have a strong business plan and the business can be very profitable. You first need to analyze the cost of the salon which could include the costs of licenses and permits, payroll, salon types of equipment, inventory, insurance, make sure you have a marketing plan which includes, listing yourself in online directories, managing your reviews, partner with the local small businesses, offer referral discount, create loyalty incentives, utilize social media, create a salon business plan, research your local laws and regulations, find a creative way to make your salon stand out, talk to distributors, develop a solid client base, choose the right location to open your salon, hire a professional, focus on your staff, think what your clients require, charge what you are worth for. This is one of the enriching businesses to start and to earn money. People want to look good and groom themselves regularly. You need not be a trained beautician only interest in this field is enough.  Write a business plan, choose your legal structure, register your business with your name, choose a location where people are attracted, get insurance, choose suppliers, purchase all the equipment you need,  market your salon and scale carefully. Make sure you are properly licensed and insured, well outfitted and located, and marketing yourself to the fullest. This idea also supports housewives who have the talent of providing different beauty services.


This business is one of the most growing and profitable businesses of all time. Setting up a joint like this in a populous city gets you a huge number of customers if you are willing to provide a high quality of products. Lucknow people are quite inclined towards these joints because of the moving populations, people going to office in the morning, students going to their institutions, this definitely benefit you. For starting a breakfast joint you need to first acquire hands-on licenses and permits, determine and search for the perfect location for the business to start so that you can get a huge number of orders, develop a menu in such a way that you stand out the rest of the competition in the market, work out the pricing thing, research for vendors, obtain necessary types of equipment, get the word out in the market and promote your outlet through advertisement. You are all set to start your breakfast joint in Lucknow.


If you love explaining concepts so be its primary classes or college students, you are looking back from opening this business. Parents of the students pay thousands for one subject at big coaching centers, but you can provide this service at a lower price and guarantee them their child’s excellent scores. It can be anything that you are great at, English language, Accounts, Business Studies, Mathematics, or any other foreign languages as well.  Create a plan, set what services will you offer, set your prices, publicize and advertise your home tutoring services, operate and improve your services, start streaming the courses on the business town. Tutoring is a lucrative small business idea that contributes to educating children and guides them to educational success, whether you are a student that excels, stay-at-home parent, teacher, or retired teacher. Through this business, you can earn great.


This is the strongest way of advertisement. This business is all about advising your clients about how to promote the products or services. The challenge is to make such plans of advertising that it catches the attention of the target audience. When one is preparing plans for outdoor advertising, one should keep in mind the things related to the budget and expectations of the target audience. As an outdoor advertising consultant you need to first understand the needs of the clients and then plan accordingly.  A detailed business plan is an important tool to have before starting a business, building the potential team for this business so that my skills and knowledge of these workers your company can expand.


You can start this firm of your own or you can provide to prepare a data of skilled candidates for the companies and also they aim to provide better career choices for their clients.  To start your own recruitment services you need to determine your niche, you need to assess the competitors and research the market, you need to keep your funds ready, research about laws and regulations, build and execute marketing plans, try to set up business goals, start investing in tech tools,  invest in people because you need to hire good recruiters and you need to invest in them. Once you are ready with everything then you are ready to launch your own recruitment firm.  This will be a very good business idea to start in Lucknow because of the increasing business and job opportunities.


Today social media is an integral part of the business. Many companies look for social media professionals and service providers. You can launch your own company with services like writing for the business, postings on blogs. Always start something with a proper plan, set social media goals and objectives, research the competition, conduct the social media audit, engage your audience to adopt strategies like creating a daily, weekly, or monthly series, running a contest or giveaways,  host an AMA related to the business, conduct a social media takeover, share, pin, retweet, and regram, create bite-sized video clips, repurpose your content, team with another brand, develop how to’s and tutorials, give customers the spotlight, conduct an interview, take advantage of the trending topics, poll your audience and many more exciting things.


Many people today want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and frequently they seek the help of their relatives, friends for the diet charts but this is a very wrong approach. They should directly consult an expert in this field. If you know then you can start this service and help people living a healthy lifestyle as people want to live longer, think smarter, eat healthier, and weigh less doing it. As a dietary consultant, you will help your clients to achieve all these things with the correct knowledge.  You can target any audience be it individuals or corporations. You can also provide services like a personal coach in your client’s homes or offices. Make a brochure and mail it to your clients to look professional.

Plan your business like what will be the cost of the business, who will be the target market, how much will you charge from a customer, how can you make your business more profitable, what will be the name of the business, define your brand? Keep in mind things like this and surely success will knock on your door.


Car breakdown takes place in the areas where garage services are not accessible. Opening a mobile garage with mobile manpower or repairers will be the best option to start. Your customers are the ones with the wheels. You should be targeting the local driver on the streets as well as corporations and institutions that will be delighted to see you on-site whenever there is a car breakdown. Firstly you need to understand the industry, conduct market research and feasibility studies, decide which niche to concentrate on, know your major competitors in the industry, decide whether to buy a franchise or start from scratch, know the possible threats and challenges you will face,  choose the most suitable legal entity, choose a catchy business name, discuss with an agent to know the best insurance policies for you, hire employees for your technical and manpower needs, write a marketing plan packed with ideas and strategies, develop strategies to boost brand awareness.


Food goes never out of fashion. Opening a food store or a restaurant will be definitely beneficial because Lucknow being an industrial area people move daily. Decide the concept of your restaurant-seafood, steakhouses, family-style restaurants, casual-dining restaurants, ethnic restaurants, pizzeria, sandwich shop/delicatessen, coffeehouse, bakery, get investment to fund your restaurant business, evaluate your restaurant’s costs involved, decide the location, for the restaurant, get all licenses required to start a restaurant business, get manpower for your restaurant business, design a stellar menu, get all licenses to start a business, arrange suppliers and vendors for your restaurant, install right technology at your restaurant, advertise your restaurant, host a soft opening.


To sum up one should just work with dedication and hard work to be successful and make your business venture reach greater heights. To start any business one will face many obstacles but with sheer dedication and hard work, one can overcome any obstacle. Just keep in mind that to start a business be prepared with the business plan and be handy with the funds. , Whatever venture you start just keep in mind hard work is the key, and don’t pressurize yourself for success, once you give your all the hard work and dedication then you need not be worried about success. One day or another you will be successful, you would be recognized because even the top businessmen of the world didn’t get success at once, they also failed and learned from their mistakes and had faith that they will be successful. So keep working hard and everything will go according to your plans.

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