“Education is a weapon to change the world.”

The National Institute of Transforming India (NITI AYOG) has come up with Atal Innovation mission to spread skills of entrepreneurship and innovations in every corner of our country.

This initiative is taken keeping in minds of the innovative and entrepreneur mind needs in our country in the coming years.

The youngsters are the future of India and they will shape and mould our country into develop and innovative country.

With this vision, NITI Ayog called out this mission to give a new direction to education in our country.

Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) also intends to play the role of an umbrella of innovation organization curbing all the instrumental role of innovative policies between the centre, state and sectoral innovation schemes.

It also aims at promotion of ecosystem of innovations at all the levels- Primary, Secondary, Senior Secondary, Universities, Science students, commerce students, humanities students of every public and private institutions to make the mission count to every core of India.

The long term plans of Atal Mission innovation is to lend a helping hand to the establishment and promotion of Small Business Innovation Research and Development at a national scale and in connecting science and technology innovations with Major Research Institutes of the company.

The CEO of NITI Ayog, Amitabh Kant says that this the world crisis of COVID 19 has brought so many challenges for the citizens with it. The challenges to a very large extent can be solved with the help of the latest technology and techniques. Technology has come to our aid in tough times.



Our Honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi always encourages the people of India to become more technology-friendly and applying new technologies in our day to day life. Initially, he insisted people go cashless and become more open towards technology.

Now with this new initiative of Atal Innovation Mission, India will come closer to become more user friendly with the technological trends and also the children from across the nation will become well versed with new innovations and innovative ideas.

Narendra Modi has also started the campaign of becoming Aatmanirbhar which directly indicates that the youth should prepare themselves to become independent with new innovations and put an end to the dependency on other countries for various purposes.

“VOCAL FOR LOCAL” is the phrase that is frequently used by Our Prime Minister to encourage the learning of innovations and entrepreneurship to take India to another level to stand with other developed countries.

The co-founder of Plezmo, Amol Palshikar says that with new innovation and technology we can give a new shape to our country’s economy. Technology has become a vital part of our day to day lives and people should adapt with it. The aim of Plezmo is to spread awareness about new technology to every corner of the country and make it as easy as drawing with a crayon for the people to make them more technology-friendly.

AIM will help in spreading creativity and innovations in the young minds of school students, entrepreneurship and business skills at University and College level and will help in moulding the future of India towards becoming a more progressive country across the globe.



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