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Business ideas in pune

Best business ideas in pune
Best business ideas in pune

Pune is the second largest metropolitan city in the state of Maharashtra and the eighth-most populous city of India. Pune has emerged as the evolving business center with the citation “Hosts IT and automotive companies.” In Pune, you have the advantage of starting your business because of the easy availability of skilled persons. Pune is a hub of education, manufacturing, and IT. Pune is ideal for starting a business because of its growing economy and high per capita income.    

Big events like business meetings, concerts, conferences of big companies are making Pune the busiest metropolitan city. So if you have a thought in mind that the opportunities are already taken, then I must tell you that there still have enormous business opportunities waiting out there for you. When it comes to business opportunities then you can’t think of Pune less than Mumbai.

When you think of a business you always have thought at the back of your mind that you will only and only require heavy investment. But let me tell you and clear this query of yours that you need not always require a big or huge investment, you can always start with a smaller one and then continue expanding it.

We will cover all this questions by the end of this article :

Which business is best in Pune?

What business can I start in Pune?

What are the most successful small businesses?

What are the necessities to start a business?

To start a business you require passion, research skills, knowledge of that particular business idea and it depends upon the kind of business you are starting whether you require investment or not. The most important requirement is proper guidance. This is most important because through this only you will get an idea of what suits you the most, what are your interests, what skill-set will be needed.

Here are some of the profitable and lucrative business ideas to establish in Pune and can be very successful:


Be it dance, music, painting, or anything else if you have the skills then it’s time to share them with the world and to generate some income. Being the education hub, people in Pune will show more interest in these types of activities because who doesn’t want to have an extra skill. It can also be in the animation industry. This will not only help to bring the artistic talents but also to strengthen the artistic process.


Yes, we all know that nowadays we all can recharge our phones online but some people today also prefer walking to recharge shops and get their recharge done. So those looking for a small business can start with this business and own their personal shop of mobile recharge. The entrepreneurs also need to form ties with the local network providers like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, etc. Every area should have its mobile recharge shop so why not grab this opportunity and start this venture.


Digital marketing is also known as online marketing is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. Nowadays digital marketing has been one of the fastest-growing profession one can opt for because it is challenging and one can never get bored of this profession because there are so much learning in this profession.


Today we have entered an era where everything starts online and ends online. That is why launching your own online course can prove very beneficial for you and can lure a large number of people into it because now everybody has learned how to do work from home. Creating and selling online courses can be very lucrative and you can earn six or seven figures. The demand for online courses has rapidly increased in the market as well and if you are an expert in any field and can explain the topics brilliantly to anyone so starting your own course will not at all a bad idea for you. You just have to search for websites that can pay you a good amount for these courses, so that with the low investment you can start your own business.


If you are a student and can explain concepts to your junior, why not turn this talent into a part-time business. Parents of the students pay thousands for one subject at big coaching centers, but you can provide this service at a lower price and guarantee them their child’s excellent scores.


Every business now needs a website to operate and to keep a track of all the activities. This is one of the best business ideas in Pune to start because of the intelligence of the people there. The best part is that this business requires no technical skills but real knowledge of the business. If not for your company, then you can start this as a service and can get orders from different companies and can earn daily.


Who doesn’t love freshly baked chocolate cookies, mouth-watering, right? People everywhere love bakery items and so is the case of Pune and demand quality products and what could be better than home-based products. Opening your bakery and that too from your own home saves you a lot of money like owning a place, you just need investment in top quality raw materials required. To engage more customers towards your bakery, you can use strategies like unique packaging and much more using your innovation and skills.



The big companies want to recruit talented and skillful people for this purpose, they outsource hiring procedures to another company. By starting your own recruitment firm in Pune, you have the advantage of gaining more because the availability of such firms is a little less. Pune is filled with youngsters because of most of the college being there and especially of engineering. So starting this business will only be advantaging you and this is the best business to start in Pune.


Who doesn’t craves food and that too with quick service? Opening a restaurant can be very profitable in Pune because of the huge population being students there and youngsters nowadays will happily pay you for giving something unique and of high quality.


Maharashtra is known for its automobile industry and establishing this business in Pune seems quite right because of the availability of the raw materials and market. You can always and easily contact the owners for the parts. To gain extra profits you can always take your business online because in today’s era there is no best option other than online.


Big cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune have too many event managing companies but they always remain busy and these cities are always filled with opportunities like these because be it any birthday celebration, weddings, launching of a new product in the market, fundraising event, fashion show, or a concert, people need everything to be managed and well organized. So this business can be very happening for you and you can showcase your leadership skills, managerial skills, and your creative mind. People invest money in these events like crazy because they want to set standards for the rest of the society and so you can great by starting your own event management company.


It means to work from anywhere with zero investment and all you need is a laptop and good internet connection and you can good money. This can be a very good business idea for the students in Pune because of the craze for earning money. You just need to find a suitable project matching your skills.


It’s not just for women but men also need grooming and they are also equally interested in this. You can start a unisex salon with services like makeup, grooming, coloring your hair (because it’s trending). Starting a salon in the busy locations of Pune will ideally attract customers. This idea also supports housewives who have the talent of providing different beauty services.


Pune has an interest in design and people there purchase clothing that is trendy, colorful, innovative, and which compliments their personality.  Offering men’s and women’s ready-made clothing with your little twist of innovation in it is a lucrative business to open in Pune.


In Pune, the demand for natural juice is quite high and so this business idea is quite fascinating. You can also start delivery services along with the main business franchise, this will help you in earning extra income.



These businesses have taken a great turn these days with the huge demand for these two services in the market. People worldwide want to preserve their happy moments and cannot do it themselves because they are busy enjoying those moments. To capture and record such events and special occasions they hire photographers and videographers. This could be a very exciting business for young entrepreneurs who want to explore their talents in this field and earn good money.


Typically, a social media manager is the person within an organization who is trusted with monitoring, executing, filtering, and measuring the social media presence of a product, brand, corporation, or even individual. In technology-based cities like Bangalore, this is the best business one can have. These managers have to do a lot of writing like dozens of posts in a day. For this business, you need to be hardworking and dedicated to handling the social media of the company well. Research work is a necessity in every field and so is required in this one too. You need to be a social media expert because you are the key to everything.


The thrift shop or commonly known as a second-hand shop. You can start this business and can sell products that are of no use to you anymore and make sure you sell those products which are in working condition. If the products are not suitable for buyers they will never be interested in purchasing anything from you.


This is another very great business idea in Pune. The demand for coffee is increasing very fast. So this seems a quite great idea to be opened. The coffee shop is perfect for professional occasions, hang out with friends, family gatherings, and much more.


The catering business can profit you in a way you cannot even imagine. For any occasion food is always a necessity, starting your catering business provides you with the opportunity to show the world the hidden talent in you and let them have a taste of your unique dishes.


If you want to start something unique, start your own travel blog and showing the people and tourists the amazing places of Pune, and providing them information about the destinations.

I hope that all the ideas that are stated above will help you in a way or another and helps you to establish your business in Pune. If you want to brainstorm more so the list is never-ending you can research more but the business ideas stated above are the most profitable ones. In each business there will be barriers, there will be obstacles but your hard work, strength, your dedication can easily overcome those obstacles and can become great success stories for the world. You have the power to inspire the world by following your passion, your dreams and become successful. Whatever business you choose it is important to keep in mind its advantages and disadvantages as the old saying suggests coin has two sides, so like that business also has two sides one positive and one negative and one should be ready for all the challenges and experiences they are going to have once they start a business. Whatever business you choose, choose it wisely!!

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