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Small Business ideas in Mumbai

Small Business ideas Mumbai
Small Business ideas Mumbai

Everybody thinks to start a new business ideas they have to invest a tremendous amount of money but no that is not true. To start a small business they require a very little amount to invest and that investment is also to purchase raw materials and other things required to run a business. We all know that a good business idea does not require money it only requires your hard work and working potential. Today the world’s most successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg are holding the possibility of printing money but they also didn’t start from the top of the pyramid.

The motive to, again and again, tell their story is pretty simple that they provide an important lesson for all those who wish to walk on the same journey as theirs- that a single great idea would prove fruitful for themselves and for the whole world it can become game-changer.

Business is considered as a commercial activity, a regular profession that everybody can do and business can be anything right from owning your own garage to running your own textile mill. There is no stopping for your creativity and innovation.

About Mumbai

Mumbai the capital city of Indian state Maharashtra considered being as the second-fastest-growing market in Asia. Not only it is the largest city by population but also considered to be the financial and commercial capital of India. According to United Nations, Mumbai is the second most populous city after Delhi in India. It serves as an economic hub of India. The key sectors contributing to the city’s economy are: finance, gems and jewellery, leather processing, IT, textiles and the most important aspect that we all must be familiar with that is entertainment. The whole entertainment industry has been established in Mumbai only.

The burgeoning population and tremendous amount of financial activities mean more business opportunities.  All you need to have a better understanding of every business idea and the skill set required to run that business. Learn more about Mumbai

Here is some of the top small business ideas that one run in Mumbai

Travel Agency business idea

India is all about exploring new places and the travel industry has seen a boom in the past few years. So why not run a travel agency in Mumbai and let people explore the beauties of Mumbai like the Gateway Of India, the famous Shri Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Haji Ali Dargah, Beaches of Mumbai, and many more exciting places.

Mobile Recharge shop business idea

Yes we all know that nowadays we all can recharge our phones online but some people today also prefer walking to recharge shops and get their recharge done. So those looking for a small business can start with this business and own their personal shop of mobile recharge. The entrepreneurs also need form ties with the local network providers like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea etc.

Breakfast Joints business idea

Being the second most populous city Mumbai people need to have an exciting breakfast. So what are you waiting for, run your own breakfast joint with unique items in the breakfast and attract Mumbaikars (the name for Mumbai people) to your joints. This is one of the best options because food as a commodity will do best in the competitive market.

Fruit Juice point business idea

In the scorching heat of Mumbai, people there need something refreshing and soothing so that they can bear the heat. Owning your own fresh fruit juice joint will make you earn a lot of money because who doesn’t want something refreshing and cool to make you work a whole day.

Garment tailor business idea

In cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata the demand for tailors has increased. All you need investment in the sewing machine and you are good to go because you can run this business from your homes as well.

Grocery Store business idea

This is the most innovative idea to start as a business in a populous city like Mumbai because everybody needs groceries for their houses. So analyze your area and run your own grocery store.

Coaching business idea

Children and students are like everywhere so why not own your coaching center and give tuitions to the students of your area and there aren’t many students in your locality so start giving home tuitions. This will generate an extra income for you and you will be benefitted also.

Blogging Business

Just like any other state blogging can prove a successful business too in Mumbai. All you need to do is write about your expertise and post it online and money will pour In. As Mumbai is the entertainment hub so be creative and write about Bollywood news, give readers what they want.

Photography business idea

One can opt this business just with a little investment in the professional camera. Click photos of the tourists travelling to Mumbai and you will earn great. You can also post the pictures on social media platforms and can great through it.

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I am definitely sure you all must have heard about Mumbai’s dabbawalas, so you can also start your catering services and let Mumbai people enjoy your clean and delicious food.

Event Management business

Managing events have taken a great turn these days especially in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. People want everything to be organized and theme-based be it weddings, or someone’s birthday party event manager is hired. This can turn out a great option for someone who is good at managing things and has a creative mind.

Ecommerce business idea

If you don’t want to run a shop, so you also have the option to start the business from your home and promote your products on social media platforms. You can start your own fashion boutique and sell them and earn money. Nowadays hair accessories especially girls are getting very popular like handmade scrunchies, designer hair clips, clothing which could include hoodies, sweatshirts, and men’s garments.

Food Cafe Business idea

When you heard the word Mumbai, Pani puri will always strike your mind. So why not start this business and make good money as women all over the country love eating Pani puri.

Mumbai is also famous for its vada pavs, so you can always have variety in your mind when opening a food joint. Apart from this Mumbai is famous for its heavy rainfalls, so why not also add pakodas to the menu. This will do justice to you and also to the people.

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Fitness Center business idea

City of dreams as it is called – people come to Mumbai from all over the place to have their own careers in the movies. So start your own fitness center and be their personal trainers the upcoming stars can be more fit and healthy.

Home Baker business idea

Who doesn’t love cakes, be it your birthday or any other occasion people love cutting cakes, and if you have it in you so you can start your own bakery at home and start selling cakes from your home. Customers always wanted their dream cakes or cakes of their choice so make customized cakes and this will be a great option for you.

Foreign language training business idea

If you are familiar with any of the foreign languages then this business is for you and why waste this talent of yours because learning a foreign language is gaining popularity day by day and you can charge the fees per class as there is a huge demand for learning a foreign language in the market.

Cab services business idea

This could turn out the best option for you because tourist visits Mumbai the whole year and they have to travel from one place to another so they have to take either auto rickshaws or the cabs to travel from one place to another. So this can prove very fruitful for you.

DJ Services business idea

Mumbai is all about its parties, its night clubs so DJ is a necessity at these parties. So be their personal DJ let them groove on your music so they can also be benefitted and you could also earn a good amount of money.

Umbrella shop business idea

As mentioned earlier also rainfalls are the most common thing in Mumbai so why not give people what they need the most, yes you guessed it right, umbrellas. Give them every color possible, multicolor, customized umbrellas. Happy customers mean happy you. This business is a very innovative one and you can easily get customers.

Ice-cream Cafe business idea

Who doesn’t love eating ice creams be it summers, raining, or winters, and in the scorching weather that Mumbai has people need something to cool down so they will definitely come in search of something cool like ice cream. This business can benefit you throughout the whole year.

Computer training center business idea

We are now in an era where all the work we do is either from a computer or from the phone. Nowadays computer proficiency and literacy are required in every field. In developing cities like Mumbai experts with computer skills are required now and then.

Customised jewellery business idea

Artificial jewelry is taking over the markets these days, so open your customized jewellery shop and let the world see the creative person in you and also this business is gaining popularity because not everyone can afford to have jewellery made of silver, gold, and diamond.

Graphic Design business idea

Graphic designers are highly demanded today and they earn more than any other full-time employed workers just by sitting at their homes. Nowadays graphic designing has been one of the fastest-growing professions one can opt for because it is challenging and one can never get bored of this profession because there is so much learning in this profession. You can also teach the youth this art because when something is trending everybody wants to try it and earn from it.

Scriptwriting business idea

The entertainment hub definitely wants scriptwriters for their movies and this business does not include any initial costing and you can easily work from there confines of your home and give the production houses what they are searching for, creative content, amazing dialogues, humor, thriller, suspense anything they wanted.

Tour Guide

If you wanted to be the leader so this business is definitely for you. You just have to organize trips for school children, college groups, or any other groups. It does not include any starting cost as mainly all the bookings can easily be done online. You just have to maintain a travel guide website for a better understanding of your customers.

Cooking classes

Food is that commodity that everyone lives for and even earns money to feed themselves and their families. If you are a professional cook then you can start your cooking classes both offline and online. For the former, you can launch your own website, start your youtube channel, and for the latter, you can give classes easily from your house, or either you can book a place and give them rent or commission so that you can follow your passion easily as well as earn money through it.

Hope you all got an idea of what business is, how to start your own venture, what costs are needed, and hoped we solved all the related queries.

In each business there will be barriers, there will be obstacles but your hard work, strength, your dedication can easily overcome those obstacles and can become great success stories for the world. You have the power to inspire the world by following your passion, your dreams and become successful.

Once You make your mind to follow your dreams then with a little bit of hard work and faith in God you will definitely get success. Just like the bow stretches the arrow back before it is released to its target, you need to arch back and let loose. The target? To follow your passion and conquer the world.

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