Trekking is something everyone loves to do as a part of their outdoor activity. Trekking is very much popular among youngsters for a couple of years.

Arrival Outdoors is a US-based startup founded by a trekking enthusiast couple- Rachelle Synder and Ross Richmond.

The couple founded this startup with a vision of providing safe and quality gear to people who’re willing to trek.

The idea of starting this startup raised when the couple faced a similar issue of not having quality gears whenever they head for a trekking trip. They had to rely on local gear rental store which doesn’t usually match the quality they wanted.

Arrival outdoors aims at bringing an end to this issue and also brings the internet into the equation.

The company just raised $4.75 million in seed funding led by Freestyle Capital.

Arrival outdoors has partnered with around 40 big and small brands. They purchase equipment and trekking gears from small brands and use big brands to evolve their marketing skills and advertisements.

The company has partnered with state parks including Washington State parks, Michigan State Parks and Utah State Park.

The company plans to increase its staff with the raised fund to distribute the workload of all the people working in the company.

Arrival outdoors offers people to choose their gear according to preferences – on La Carte basis or pre-packaged kit and reserve their gear for free. The equipment is sent in a box with a pre-paid label and customer can send it back after the trip.

Our biggest challenge is that we are growing at a rate that is fairly unexpected this summer, COVID hit and it was a low point in March and April and then it shot up. So, for us, it’s all about catching up and trying to run as fast as we can to make sure that we can supply everybody who wants gear” says Synder.

The most famous product is the set for two. It carries camping set for two, two sleeping bags and pads, headlamps and a couple of chairs. In weekends, the cost of the gear is about 10% of the total cost of the gear. All the products of the company are kept in California’s warehouse.

Corigin ventures, Narrative Fund, AVG Basecamp fund, James Reinhart and John Voris have also helped in raising the fund for the company.

The main focus of the company remains in providing people with quality equipment for a safe, comfortable and thrilling journey.




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