Vedantu lays off 100 employees as part of restructuring

In its third launch since May, online tutor Vedantu has laid off 100 employees as part of a restructuring, two people familiar with the development told VCCircle.One of the people quoted above, speaking on condition of anonymity, said workers in groups such as training and sales were affected and the company offered to take two months off. Vedanta declined to comment. News website Inc42 first reported the development.

May, Vadana removed about 424 employees or 7 % of its 5600 employees.The future level of recession and inflation press of the US Federal Reserve, alluding to an intense foreign environment, in response to CEO of Vamsi Krishna may remain silent trafficHe also said that the exaggerated growth of wading will be 9 times from the tail of the government -19 and the recurring of offline. Interestingly, Vadana’s secretary stated in May that an online training site has more than 1,000 employees in more than 100 groups for similar situations.Vadetta was founded in 2011 by Mammy Kryshna, Anand Prakash and Pulkit Jain, after ABC World Asia Asia Asia Asia -$ 1100 million (Rs 740), the fifth digital boot of a unicorn. A unicorn is a startup valued at $1 billion or more.

The demand for online education services has had consequences since the pandemic, so edtech companies have seen exponential growth. In March and April, Ancademy supports Charting Hot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. laid off nearly 800 employees. Anacademy continued its productivity program in June, hiring 150 employees.In February, Mumbai-based Lido Learning closed shop after hiring 900 to 1,200 employees at its Zoom Town virtual center.

Last month, Byjuice asked about 500 employees to leave subsidiaries Toppr and Whitehat Jr as it looks for ways to cut costs and streamline the process of merging its various divisions.In addition to edtech, the wider ecosystem has seen massive layoffs over the past few months, with companies such as Frontrow, Meesho, Citymall, Mobile Premier League, Cars24, Mfine, Furlenco and Trell all making the cut.