Vidcare, Cricinshots Raise Early-Stage Funding

Pune-based diagnostics startup Whitcare Technologies has raised $300,000 in seed funding in a round led by Social Alpha in partnership with Lavni Ventures and Derby Foundation.

The company plans to use the new funding for product development, clinical testing, real-world performance and early commercialization. Founded in 2017, Vidcare Innovations develops portable health tests to make diagnostic testing convenient and affordable.


“This new round of funding will be used to work on further applications of this technology following product development and post-commercial regulatory approvals. “Our vision is to use the Mu curtain platform to develop diagnostic tests to facilitate greater access to high-quality diagnostics for urban and rural areas,” said Rohan Aggarwal, founder of Vidcare.

We observe gradual progress in the decentralization of laboratory research, that is, tests and analyzes are performed by patients at the bedside, in the clinic or at home. Kshama Kothari, Director of Health and Wellness at Community Alpha, said: “Vidcare’s scalable platform creates a suite of accurate and easy-to-use tests to monitor chronic health conditions and disorders.

SocialAlpha is an ecosystem created by the Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship to develop startup teams. advertising

Web3 strategy cricket game Cricinshots has secured undisclosed pre-launch funding from Antler India.

The company plans to use the new revenue to develop its product and strengthen its team. Advertise
Last year, severe Saverghankar and Aditya Kasipatla, Grisinshaots India and India further aimed to rethink game experiences for players and cricketers. “Creating this platform, the founders focused on creating a fun game experience with a standard sports economy, where users can enjoy the constant rights of their sports goods,” the company said. Users are the most important components of any gaming ecosystem, and existing games do not allow them to significantly earn positive points. Furthermore, traditional and modern cricket games lack solid strategic elements and fail during prolonged participation. Take care of it with Cricinshots.” “The bigger vision is to create games across genres that create an interactive metauniverse,” says Savargonkar, co-founder of Criginshots.

As experienced global investors in Web 3 and Blockchain, we continue to believe that strong Indian teams will shape the future of Web 3 and gaming infrastructure and applications, especially helping to connect the next billion users to Web 3. Web3 greatly expands the design space in the game, creating new business models and decentralized ownership and control. Harsh and Aditya have a strong understanding of player characters and use their gaming experience to create something truly compelling.

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