WinZo Seeks Injunction Against Google Play Store Pilot Allowing Fantasy, Rummy Apps

Play-to-win real money smart gaming platform WinZo on Tuesday filed a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court against tech giant Google’s recently announced pilot program for daily fantasy sports (DFS) and rummy apps on the Google Play Store. WinZo’s lawsuit said Google’s decision to select DFS and Rummy apps in its trial program is “discriminatory” and “arbitrary classification.” WinZo’s move comes two weeks after Google announced a “limited time trial program” on September 7 to allow distribution of DFS and Rummy apps through the official Play Store in India. This excludes real money game programs like WinZo from distributing their services through the store. DFS or fantasy games are games where sportsmen pick a team to represent their fantasy team in any sport like cricket or football. This includes platforms like Dream11 and My11Circle. The performance of this “fantasy” team depends on how the selected athletes perform every day, and this coincidence of real results leads to virtual victories for the players on the stage. Rummy, on the other hand, refers to card games that are recognized by various courts as games of skill. Indian law says the evidence of opportunity is illegal.

“A player must strategic cards, support and reject a package of open logs and open logs and organize real cards and/or photos taken in forms 10, 13, 21 or 27 cards, usually in India in India with Google, etc. in Rummy gameplay On September 7, the rules that played the same forms of the game. Of course, the September 7th policy is a pilot program that will last a year and is subject to change based on industry and user feedback. Currently, players like Winzo are concerned that companies authorized in the Play Store will promote themselves as “legitimate” apps and thus create expectations on other platforms. As for the legality of these programs, Jay Saita, a technology attorney who specializes in gaming, said much of the regulation in this area depends on state laws and whether the game is considered a game of skill or chance. . “If the service is considered a game of skill, there are no restrictions on playing it for real money – and no discrimination in titles,” he said. advertising

Chaita added that while the central government has held initial discussions to regulate the sector, such discussions are currently at an early stage.

The company also said in its lawsuit that the selection of games in question could expose others, like Winzo, to infringing titles that could harm its business model. While industry bodies such as the Federation of Electronic Gaming and the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS) have spoken out in favor of Google’s new policy, Google wants to exclude real-money gaming services, so it continues to regulate. Incorrect entry


In a statement, WinZo co-founder Soumya Singh Rathore said Google “did not engage with the industry” and did not “assess the impact” of the pilot program after Google’s decision. Google had no comment for this story.

It also claims that apps published on Play Store will significantly reduce marketing costs by reaching the largest Android user base in India. For reference, Android runs on more than 95 percent of all smartphones in the country.

While some in the industry are working with Winzo on this, the company may have an uphill battle with Google on this. A lawyer familiar with the process said there is no global or Indian precedent for launching real-money fantasy games on Android. “Google’s beta testing program cannot be considered beta testing of software because it can create a negative reputation in the market for applications that are not covered by the testing policy,” the lawyer said.

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